AI Enabled Precise 3D Geolocation

leveraging virtually all existing and emerging wireless protocols and infrastructures

We provide enterprise grade, state of the art on premises & cloud-based Geo-location as a Service capable of supporting multi-industry use cases & scenarios.


Real Time Geolocation
Situational Awareness Solutions

Our technology enables real time geolocation awareness solutions by gathering live distance data from multiple sensors and applying proprietary heuristic algorithms to precisely locate people and assets anywhere any time.

3D precise geolocation – under 1m and under 1 second without relying on GPS satellites, external WIFI, or Cell towers. Capable of working indoors and outdoors, the Chronos location services support integration into a wide range of user experiences across many environments from buildings, to fields, to whole cities.

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Geolocation Awareness Solutions


CHRONOS wireless mesh network and (location enablement) devices allow government agencies and enterprises to track interaction between their employees and assets with a level of security and accuracy never seen before while supporting contextual 3rd party devices and services to help provide customers complete situational awareness of an asset and its environment.

CHRONOS data is hosted on Microsoft Azure and uses a combination of locational RF algorithms, machine learning, and AI to process real time radio and wireless signals that can provide customers with precise and timely location of people and assets. The Chronos location as a service can be integrated into a wide variety of enterprise applications and user experiences, including dashboards, mobile applications, and even headsets.

CHRONOS takes 3D location, cognitive situation awareness and alerting to the next level. Offering a flawless and precise geolocation capability that supports indoor and outdoor people and asset tracking. The Chronos Xmesh works with, or without, public infrastructure (cell, WIFI, etc.) and supports private 5G to offer the most comprehensive and accurate geo location service for enterprise customers, partners, and governments globally.

Our goal is to save lives and help people achieve more through tracking interactions between users and assets using our groundbreaking live movement geolocation service.

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CHRONOS is a pioneer in 3D live movement tracking using proprietary mesh technology. CHRONOS' unique solution has been certified by Microsoft Enterprise as Co-Sell ready. Microsoft and CHRONOS are working on multiple deals across APAC to implement this break through technology.

Head of Microsoft Azure APAC

Technology - SaaS Command Center

3D Live Interaction Management
Between Moving Personnel
with Mobile and Stationary Objects

A secured and controlled communication and geolocation system that is not reliant on public infrastructure, CHRONOS operates by using stationary and mobile nodes with encrypted communication and local 3D mapping. Prioritized messaging, communications, geolocation and alerts within the CHRONOS proprietary mesh network, works independently of any data centers. Microsoft Azure Cloud stores all data with historical analysis, live alert dispatch and responses.


  • Precise 3D Live Movement Tracking
    Accuracy of under 1m and under 1sec within the network without GPS or cell towers.

  • Latest AI
    Solution oriented, proactive, evolving intelligence.

  • Custom Alerts like Man Down, stressing situations, stampede
    If a User/XNode shows any sign of distress, team is alerted with the exact location and path of safest way to rescue.

  • Asset/User Interaction
    Breach of permission to handle an asset automatically alerts Users/XNodes and command center.

  • Hazardous Environment Alerts Sensors
    Detects dangerous conditions transmitted to Users/Xnodes for alerts.

  • Tech On Drones
    Finding Users/XNodes and assets.

  • Data Storage
    Microsoft Azure Cloud is storing, recording and dispatching all information based on preset, custom parameters.

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THE XNODE/XID - The core XNode device is 4 inches long and as thin as 5 stacked credit cards. The XNode can either be attached to a fixed object or be mobile. It acts as a receiving unit but can equally extend the reach of the network.




Precise tracking of containers and assets, and who’s authorized to access, move, open, and transport goods based on logistics schedules and routes.


  • Link location of packaged assets with authorized employees & vendors approved to handle goods
  • Install Chronos mesh in locations e.g. ports, warehouses, back-office environments
  • Install XContainers
  • Install Xnodes on cars and trucks
  • Tag assets with Xtags


  • Alerts on asset locations and movement
  • Alerts for misplaced assets or assets not on an approved route
  • Alerts for non approved or suspicious handling of assets or goods


  • Alerts when content is moved without approval
  • Employees are idle or in the wrong location (e.g. dangerous or restricted area)
  • Geofencing, breach of security, restricted location



  • Security does not know whereabouts of employees, guests, and visitors


  • Install Chronos mesh in locations (e.g. buildings, factories, etc.)
  • Employees, guests, and visitors carry Xnodes
  • Tag assets and equipment with Xtags


  • All Xnodes and Xtags are trackable with high precision. Locations and movements can be visualized on dashboards, mobile devices, etc.
  • Alerts triggered by non approved or suspicious handling of assets or goods
  • Heat mapping of people or asset movement for space optimization
  • Alerts for intrusion of restricted areas


  • Alerts when content is moved without approval
  • Employee movement & locations – anonymized or not based on preferences
  • Alerting for shoppers needing assistance or lost



  • Communications between cars for collision detection, lane merging, etc.
  • Finding a car location (e.g. Parking lot)
  • Traffic management and routing
  • Warnings to drivers of hazardous conditions
  • Effective toll collection indoors and outdoors


  • Install Xnodes in cars
  • Drivers wear Xtags
  • Xtags in mobile phones


  • Communications between cars to give way in an intersection, lane merging, overpass caution
  • Driver linked to car ownership or authorized to drive vehicles
  • Driver able to find car in parking garage
  • Precise toll time of arrival and departure


  • Alerts sent to drivers in areas of hazardous situations, icy roads, heavy traffic
  • Driver unauthorized to drive alerted
  • Alerts to first responders investigating a collision or accident with integrated smart way finding



  • Reactive not proactive systems for security and protection of the public


  • Install Chronos Xmesh in locations across city (e.g. street lights, signs, etc.)
  • Citizens wear Xnodes or Passive mobile phone tracking (less accurate)
  • Tag assets, buildings, and equipment with Xtags


  • City activity and people movement trackable in 3D
  • Xmesh supports geolocation and peer to peer communications in the event of losing city mobile or wifi communications infrastructure
  • Heat mapping of people or asset movement for city wide logistics
  • Alerts for emergency response teams and way finding to accident locations


  • Alerts when public assets are damaged or moved without approval
  • Smart dispatching based on proximity
  • Alerting for pedestrians needing assistance or lost
Executive Team

Marco Ganouna


With over 35 years of experience in International business, High Tech & Financial Markets, Marco’s technology company was listed #7 of the 500 fastest growing High Tech companies in France & ranked #155 on the top 500 French electronic companies. As Chairman, CEO & Owner, Marco has conceived, structured, and financed companies that exceeded $500M per year in sales. His achievements in business development and product innovation have received notable recognition and numerous awards including Los Angeles Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.

Benjamin C. Oates

VP Finance & Accounting

Ben is an accomplished leader with 19+ years of experience providing accounting and consulting services for companies related to audit, risk, compliance, and controls. He has an in-depth knowledge of the operations of multiple industries and companies and has worked at PwC with some of the world’s largest technology and financial services companies including IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Société Générale, HSBC, & Health Equity. In addition to being a CPA and CISA, Ben holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Utah State University.

Rimes Mortimer

VP Business Development

25 years experience in IT including 20 years at Microsoft Corporation, driving innovation and go to market strategies for several Microsoft next generation products and solutions. Helped lead the creation of Azure Digital Twins, Mobile Web Services, and Energy Smart Buildings. Created and drove multiple global partnerships including, Samsung, Johnson Controls, and Vodafone. Rimes holds Environment Studies & Architecture degrees from the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Peter Forman

VP Product

Peter has 25 years experience in product design and development, operations management, business development, and organizational leadership and strategy. An industry expert in video technology who led development on the original KB encoder for Haivision and the Solo for LiveU as well as cloud-based software products for Ooyala and others, he is responsible for product lines that are still leaders in their industries. Peter has successfully completed numerous licensing, OEM and M&A transactions. He has an MBA from Andersen School of Business, and studied at Yale University and California Institute of the Arts.

Michael Platt

Principal Architect

35 years of industry experience in System Architecture and Design, Software Development and Engineering Management. 27 years at Microsoft Corp in a variety of Engineering and Software Development positions. Deep expertise in areas of Sustainability, Blockchain, Financial Services, Logistics, AI/ML and Wireless technologies. Michael holds multiple degrees from Southampton and Portsmouth Universities in the UK in the areas of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, and Microkernels.