Location Awareness Solutions

Precise 3D Geolocation
Without External Infrastructure

We provide complete end-to-end solutions with proprietary devices configured for specific use cases and extensive back-to-end data collection, processing and dissemination.


Real Time Geolocation
Awareness Solutions

Our technology delivers real time Geolocation Awareness Solutions – gathering live data from multiple sensor fusion and distance measurements simultaneously and applying proprietary heuristic algorithms.

3D precise geolocation – under 1m and under 1sec without GPS satellites, external Wi-Fi or cell towers – based on alerts in case of hazardous situation detection between moving and idle users and objects in buildings, in public places, in a city.


Geolocation Awareness Solutions


Second Bridge CHRONOS mesh network and devices allow government agencies and corporations to track interaction between their employees and their assets with a level of precision that has never been seen before, and augments this with biometric, sensor data for a complete ‘situational awareness’ of the asset and its environment.

Second Bridge CHRONOS data is hosted by Microsoft Azure. Second Bridge CHRONOS is using a combination of locational RF algorithms, machine learning and AI, to process real time ground level data flows and turn them into exact summarized conclusions on a dashboard.

Second Bridge CHRONOS takes cognitive situation awareness, alerts and 3D geolocation to the next level. Offering a flawless solution that moves smoothly between indoor and outdoor, addressing holes in the network, 3D asset mapping, working on or off the network, being virtually ‘live’ with a precision of less than a 1m and 1sec.

Second Bridge CHRONOS partnered up with Microsoft Enterprise to install proprietary mesh network in cities, giving customers the most advanced technology for Geolocation Awareness Solutions (GAS). Our goal is to save lives through tracking interactions between users and specific assets using ground breaking ultra precise live movement geolocation in 3D without using external infrastructure – triggering the most efficient response in case of alerts.

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Second Bridge CHRONOS is a pioneer in 3D live movement tracking using proprietary mesh technology. Second Bridge CHRONOS unique solution has been certified by Microsoft Enterprise as Co-Sell ready. Microsoft and Second Bridge CHRONOS are working on multiple deals across APAC to implement this break through technology.

Head of Microsoft Azure APAC


Technology Architecture

A secured and controlled communication and geolocation system that is not reliant on public infrastructure, Second Bridge CHRONOS operates by using stationary and mobile nodes with encrypted communication and local 3D mapping. Prioritized messaging, communications, geolocation and alerts within the Second Bridge CHRONOS proprietary mesh network, works independently of any data centers. Microsoft Azure Cloud stores all data with historical analysis, live alert dispatch and responses.


  • 3D Live Movement Tracking
    Under 1m and under 1sec within the mesh network, without GPS or any cell towers.
  • Man Down Alerts
    If a User/XNode shows any sign of distress, the team is alerted with the exact location and path of safest way to rescue.
  • Asset/User Interaction
    Breach of permission to handle an asset automatically alerts Users/XNodes and command center.
  • Hazardous Environment Alerts Sensors
    Detects dangerous conditions transmitted to Users/Xnodes for alerts.
  • Tech On Drones
    Finding Users/XNodes and assets.

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Mesh Network distance between users (inside one building) is 25m. Indefinite reach supported by breadcrumbs. Distance between users (line of sight) is 300m. Indefinite reach supported by breadcrumbs. Connection to Microsoft Azure allows upload and download of all data via access points (Wifi). Mesh Network of Users/XNodes works independently of any external infrastructure.

Use Cases

Executive Team

Marco Ganouna


With over 35 years of experience in International business, High Tech and Financial Markets, Marco’s technology company was listed #7 of the 500 fastest growing High Tech companies in France and ranked #155 on the top 500 French electronic companies. As Chairman, CEO & Owner, Marco has conceived, structured and financed companies that exceeded $500M per year in sales. His achievements in business development and product innovation have received notable recognition and numerous awards. In 1995, Marco was nominated Los Angeles Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. He also received numerous awards for product development like his company Mind’s At Work’s for the ‘Digital Wallet’ (precursor to the iPod) which was named best new device by Popular Mechanics in 2000.

Dennis Palatov


Dennis has an extensive back ground of engineering disciplines. He successfully carried out a variety of product designs including mechanical design, digital and analog electronics design, software development industrial design and overall product management tasks. Dennis has brought numerous complex electronics and automotive parts to market from concept to customer delivery one of which was the ‘Digital Wallet’, the precursor to the iPod while being CTO at Minds@Work.

Neil Bradley

Director of Engineering

27 years of industry experience at Intel Corporation as firmware lead architect and senior software engineer, designing, sizing, scheduling and implementing products managing small and large scale engineering teams. Extensive knowledge of relevant technologies such as C, SQL, version control, operating systems, security protocols and microcontrollers. Neil filed 11 patents while at Intel.